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Running of the Reindeer – Anchorage, Alaska

Running of the Reindeer – Anchorage, Alaska
“You know I’ve never known-a the streets of Pamplona,
I’ve never walked the shores of sunny Spain
I’ve still got a hankering for the ice and snow of Anchorage -
I’m happiest when Rondy comes again  . . .”

Running with the Reindeer 3

“And though it’s cold as hell out here all standing in our underwear,
Waiting for the Rondy to begin –
We’re running with the reindeer, running with the reindeer
In Spain they’ve got the bulls I know,
But that’s not wild enough, and so it’s reindeer . .  “
– Hobo Jim, ‘Running with the Reindeer’

Like Hobo Jim, I’ve never been to the Running of the Bulls in Spain. So I could be wrong about the differences between that event and the Alaska version. But I’m going to guess that the running of the bulls doesn’t have an announcer openly rooting for the animals to ‘take someone out. ‘


Running with the Reindeer 2


I’m also going to go ahead and assume that, when actual goring is a risk, drinking is discouraged. In Anchorage . . . well. It’s cold. And people are standing around in skimpy costumes, waiting to try and outrun Santa’s helpers. Drinking is probably the only way this makes sense.


Running with the Reindeer 4


The event is part of the Fur Rendezvous Festival, aka Rondy – an end-of-winter celebration held in late February and early March. The event grew out of the traditional fur-trapper swap meets. A ‘Winter Sports Carnival’ was added on in the 1930’s. Now it’s two weeks that include snow carving, pond hockey, dog sledding sprint races, a Alaska Native arts market, and carnival rides – and yes, still fur selling.


Running with the Reindeer 13


Oh, and the opportunity to dash through downtown Anchorage with some reindeer.


Running with the Reindeer 10
The runners are given a bit of a head start. They’re divided into 4 heats, for men, women, groups, and ‘tourists’ – anyone from the lower 48. Costumes range from sparkly tutus to video game characters to strategically placed fur bikinis. Some have prop swords and axes, for reasons I can’t quite make out. Others have cell phones in hand, attempting mid-race selfies.

After the runners, the reindeer are released. They’re surprisingly agile creatures, and weave through the crowded street easily. One of the best parts of the race is watching the faces of racers as they realize the runner who just sideswiped them has 4 feet and horns.
Running with the Reindeer 7

Between rounds the reindeer, held on what look like standard dog leashes, are petted by children and calmly let people pose for reindeer selfies. Sometimes they dig their hooves in and refuse to be led to the starting line – the pens at the finish, after all, are where their food is kept. But the keepers manage to coax them along.Reindeer are a smaller, domesticated version of caribou. They generally either like people or ignore them. One more way this isn’t exactly the Running of the Bulls – there’s no death-defying thrills here.

Running with the Reindeer 11

That’s okay. It isn’t what the crowd is looking for. This is an excuse for people who are sick of winter to get dressed up and have a party. You can howl along with the music, out-jog the reindeer, raise money for charity, and celebrate being very, very Alaskan. 

Running with the Reindeer



    • If you know where you’ll be stopping, I can tell you all the best bakeries! And, y’know, other, less important attractions.

    • That’s pretty much my reaction to everything in Alaska. :D

    • I hadn’t thought of the extra protection idea. Maybe that man is secretly a genius.

  1. Ohmygosh – this really exists?! Now this is a race I would actually sign up for :) Those animals are beautiful, and I can’t believe how docile they must be. I’ll be sharing this post with my Game Warden father!
    Emily recently posted…Still discovering PragueMy Profile

    • Reindeer are surprisingly friendly – though I think it’s less that they like humans then that they don’t even care how big of a crowd is around. It was great for everyone who hung out to take reindeer selfies afterwards. :D

    • I’m sometimes convinced that the unofficial state motto of Alaska should be ‘Look, we’re in the middle of nowhere and winter lasts forever, we do what we want.’

    • I really admired her commitment to that underwear costume – it was not warm out!

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun – after hearing about it for years, I’m glad I was finally in Anchorage to see it.


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