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Nicecream Factory: liquid nitrogen ice cream perfection

Nicecream Factory: liquid nitrogen ice cream perfection

When it comes to ice cream, I’m something of a traditionalist.

At least, I used to be. A couple weeks ago I’d have told you the perfect ice cream had to be hand-churned on a farm while the cows looked on approvingly.

But now? I have tasted the future. And the future is delicious.


Nicecream DC 2


Nicecream Factory is located in Arlington VA, right outside of Washington DC.  There’s no churning involved in the Nicecream process – instead, they flash freeze their ice cream using liquid nitrogen, as you watch.

Nicecream DC 4

The store is small and brightly colored, with most of the space inside being taken up by the ‘kitchen’ area, where they have a counter and six ordinary-looking stand mixers. These are where the flavors are added to the ice cream base – so the nutella ice cream, for example, is nutella added to milk, cream, and sugar, mixed together and frozen on the spot. (Because of this, there are only a few flavors available each day – but that’s just an excuse to go back often.)

These stand mixers are also where the ingredients are frozen, in a cloud of what is either liquid nitrogen or magic. Nicecream claims liquid nitrogen, but I’m not willing to bet there isn’t sorcery involved somewhere.


Nicecream DC 6

For my first try, I chose nutella and dark chocolate sea salt. The nutella . . . I have to be honest here. That ice cream made me stop for a minute and attempt to process the pure wonder of the universe. I was almost afraid to try the dark chocolate sea salt – and when I did, I’m fairly sure I temporarily stopped breathing. This is the closest ice cream has ever come to being a life-changing experience.

Nicecream DC

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  1. Sluuuurrrrppp, yummy diddly-oh!

  2. I came across an nitrogen ice cream place near me but unfortunately didn’t have time to stop and let them work their magic. I really need to go back because it sounds so cool (literally and figuratively). The flavors you picked seem really tasty.


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